Global Entertainment Club (Global Entertainment Club referred to as GEC) aims to:

let the world’s gamers unite and become “happy and rich”

Implementation process:

1.The use of blockchain based technology to generate the “World Entertainment Diamond” referred to as GED (Global Entertainment Diamond)

2.The use of blockchain based technology to generate the “World Entertainment Diamond” referred to as GED (Global Entertainment Diamond)

3.GED as an online entertainment product purchasing loyalty point asset

4.Users come to the club to use BTC to redeem GEC

5.Ability to share BTC profits with online entertainment product suppliers

6.The club will use the BTC profits to purchase GED which can then be presented to the customer.

7.The appreciation of GED relative to the player’s currency will bring free entertainment while allowing producers to make money selling a new experience.

8.The more players participate in the system, the more entertainment products added and the faster the appreciation of GED.

Club rewards

1)If you are spending no more than the market price of the game product, then you get 20% of the value in GED rewarded. Such as your own purchase with BTC, you will be given access to the value of 0.2 BTC GED awards. GED is relative to the price of BTC is highly volatile (for price formation, see the “World of the drill” introduction as it can be more than one BTC price or even higher (The rate of appreciation depends on the player’s participation in the activity). In the process, you are free to sell GED for BTC at any time.

2)You get 10% BTC bonus when recommending other players who make a purchaseFor example, if you invite a player who spends 1 BTC then you will receive a BTC reward, instantly credited and ready to withdraw.

3)When you recommend a player and get a reward, you will receive a bonus from their purchase equivalent to 50% of their total purchase.For example, if you invite players who gets 0.2 BTC then you will receive an additional 0.5 BTC bonus (based off their entire purchase), instantly credited, ready to pick up. The more players you invite, the more rewards you will receive.

Club value

Share the business profits of the online entertainment industry with global players, provide everyone the opportunity to equal wealth, return to the “happy in the rich” life Provide BTC’s safer and more stable revenue options, support BTC and block chain industry applications, attract more users to focus and drive the future of the Internet financial industry

Club registration

Club with anonymous mailbox registration, do not charge any fees, invite friends to spend can also get more awards Registration is required through the operator’s website, please see “Club Division”