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The relevance of Wayfinders to the current society

imageThe loss of flora and fauna due to lack of proper human management and cultural erosion has been the most issues affecting the global sphere.

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Historical Ethical Dilemma

imageEvery stakeholder has a distinct need and contribution towards the advancement of the economy. In case of business scandals, firms are unable to meet the demands of their stakeholders.


The formation of subcultures and social control theory

image The middle class in today’s world dominates nearly the entire societies around the globe. In most of the instances, the middle-class society faces some social problems.

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Devotion to the Virgin Mary

The first story described Mary as a helpful and also influential woman in the society for those who are seeking guidance.

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Significance of Rowing

Memory/Time Capsule

Different items can represent a person's life and these can be put in a time capsule.


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Personal Statement: My Passion for Engineering


Common Discipline Assignment

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