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The U.S. Healthcare Efficiency Index is a forum for raising awareness and monitoring business efficiency in healthcare. The index seeks to provide a national reference to track and measure the transition from a paper-based healthcare system to an electronic one. The Index will include an outside auditor and an independent Advisory Council made up of leaders across the Industry.

We all agree that paper is costly, inefficient and prone to errors. While we wait for national reforms and the adoption of electronic medical records, let's address the billions of dollars that can be saved through simple steps like electronic payments and remittances.

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Current Use of Electronic Billing and Payment Transactions
Current utilization of electronic transactions by type

Industry usage of electronic Billing and Payment transactions by type; also illustrates total electronic and paper transaction percentages across all types. The percentage of total electronic utilization is the "Index" shown on the top right-hand corner of the page. Note: These figures are for medical claims-related transactions only. In later phases of the Index, we plan to expand the Index to include dental, vision, Worker's Compensation and clinical transactions like e-prescribing.

Stay informed about the Index, and learn more about what you can do.

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